Secret youthful skin hidden in the stem cell!

What does cellular therapy means !! Because of tissue wasting and consequently wrinkles, the cells which call fibroblasts in that area are no longer able to produce materials like collagen and elastin, which give the skin tension as it is now. The rational method in this case is to transfer the fibroblasts taken from other parts of the body to those areas.

What is Cell Therapy?


How are fibroblasts recreated ?

A skin texture is sufficient, from a region of your skin that is least exposed to external factors, preferably rice to be taken from behind the ear. The fibroblasts in the tissue fragment are separated and multiplied in the laboratory using blood serum from you again. Fibroblasts are collected in millions of times, collected in small volumes, and delivered to your doctor for application. If desired, it is stored in the cell bank.

Is the operation safe?

Skin fibroblast cell production and application is done all over the world and it is approved by the United States Federal Drug Agent (FDA)

When will the effect be shown

The results of operation to the lines of the mouth of the specially produced fibroblasts, eye perimeter goose legs, eyebrows and underline are different in each individual. When applied with correct number and certain intervals (total of 3 times, every 4-5 weeks), the effect starts in weeks, while in some people the effect may be seen later. The event varies between 3-5 years. If you keep your cells in the bank, you can make a fibroblast request without giving the skin texture again. Fibroblasts can be used not only for the removal of wrinkles but also for the treatment of collapses, burns and healing wounds caused by acne.

Yaşla birlikte yüz biçimi değişir; cilt yıpranması, gerginlik ve parlaklık azaldıkça doku elastikiyeti azalır; hücrelerimiz kendilerini yenileme kapasitesini yitirdikçe alında, göz çevresinde kırışıklıklar oluşur: ağız çevresindeki çizgiler derinleşir, elmacık kemiklerinin üzerindeki yumuşak dokuların yanaklara doğru yer değiştirmesi ile tipik yaşlanma izleri ortaya çıkar. 

What is the thing that we have not tried?

Creams, masks, massage, facial yoga, plants, moisturizers, phytotherapy, peeling, laser, botox, hyaluronic acid, collagen, plasma, oil filling, aesthetic surgery ... what's going on!

And the latest innovation is "cellular therapy"

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