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Rhytidectomy – Facelift

Because of aging, cells and tissues that are responsible for the skin vitality begin to be damaged, and the collagen production by the skin tissues begins to reduce. And due to the gravity factor, the skin sagging and wrinkles appear on face and neck, and also the lines that form between the nose and cheeks begin to get deeper.

In order to solve all these negative marks, facelift procedure may be performed, which results in a wrinkleless and tight face in addition to the removal of lines resulting from aging.



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  • Who does face lift surgery take?

    If you are over a certain age, your face and your knees have begun to sag and wrinkles have settled, then you are a suitable candidate for this surgery. Ideal for patients who avoid non-surgical repetitive aesthetic procedures and target permanent outcomes.

  • How is the preoperative procedure?

    If smoking is mentioned, it is very important to leave at least 2 weeks before the operation . This should be very well explained and prevented from being ignored by the patient. Blood-thinning medications such as aspirin should also be discontinued 1 week in advance. The surgeon will explain the risks to the patient after the pre-operative surveillance and anesthesia consultation. After the necessary period of hunger for general anesthesia is passed, various drawings and photographs will be made for planning the operation.

  • How is surgery done?

    Operation begins with general anesthesia. The front borderline of the ear is extended along the border line into the hair with the hair. Face skin is removed in thin thickness. If necessary, liposuction can be performed on the neck. It is recovered to the muscular system beneath the skin, which stretches in length from the face. Once the surplus of skin is removed, the scars are adjusted to stay behind the ear and the surgery is finished accordingly. The average duration of the operation is about 3 hours. This operation can be done endoscopically. The excess may be preferred in cases where it is not necessary to remove it deeply. Through the small cuts to be made from the hair,

  • What happens after the surgery?

    The first day after surgery is the most troublesome period. It may be painful, but it can be relieved by painkillers. The most annoying feeling is the feeling of tension and pressure. Within a few days these feelings will disappear. After 1 day, they are discharged and drains are taken on the same day. Bandages are made for 3 days. In the first few days, edema and slight bruises may occur. After 1 week, the stitches are removed. In the first few days half shower is allowed. After 4 to 5 days, you do not mind taking a shower. After the surgery, light sports can be started from the 1st month and heavy sports can be started after 2 months

  • Do you have post-operative problems?

    Postoperative swelling, bruising may occur. The most serious distress is skin lesions that can occur. It is very important for the patient to quit smoking within 3 weeks if this is not the case. It is also possible to injure the nerves that move the facial mimic muscles. For this reason, experienced aesthetic surgeons should be preferred to perform this operation.