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Ultraskin Face Lifting

Due to aging, the face and neck areas begin to wrinkle and sag. However, as the technology develops, it is now possible to lift the face and neck without surgery using focused Ultrasound technology.

What is therapeutic Ultra Skin and Ultrasound?

When applying the Ultra Skin waves to the skin, it stimulates the muscles that lost their elasticity and tighten them again, causing the skin to be tighten from the depth to the surface.


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  • How is ultrasound applied? How long is the application period?

    Ultraskin is an application made on the face and neck. First, the deep head is stretched. Then, to stimulate collagen production and to deepen the effect, a superficial heading is performed. The application lasts for about 45 minutes and afterwards the person can return home to work.

  • Which regions of ultraskin are applied?

    In patients with downward swelling in the jaw-facial region with loss of facial ovality, the aim is to reduce the wrinkles in the outer and lower wrinkles of the eye and the skin, and the skin around the eye area, in the cleavage area in order to repair the sagging in the food area, is applied to the cleft to correct wrinkles.

  • Is ultrasound application a painful procedure, do you need anesthesia?

    The procedure causes a slight needle sticking sensation and does not require local anesthesia to numb. For this reason, the application is quite comfortable.

  • Can ultrasound therapy immediately return to daily life after application?

    The post-practitioner can immediately return to daily activities. For this reason, even between noon, a person can do this practice and then return to work. Since there is no side effect on the surface of the skin, it does not restrict social life.

  • When do the results of ultraskin begin? How effective is the lasting?

    The effect of the application begins to be seen immediately. Even when applied to a half-hour, the effect is obvious. The effect of stimulating collagen production becomes even more pronounced towards the third month. The effect lasts for about 1-1.5 years. Stretching effect occurs in percentage and length with one session application.

  • Is there a permanent face lift method?

    The only way to solve the problem from the root is face and neck stretching operations. If you are not afraid of surgery, we always use our choice of surgical surgeons for surgery.