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Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma is responsible for the blood clotting in the body cells and containing the complete blood compounds. What are the benefits of Platelet-rich plasma? How does it affect the body cells? You may find the answers to such questions in the description.


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  • How to obtain PRP?

    We can summarize that the blood is passed through special procedures and given back to the patient by application. If you open it, you will receive a specially prepared blood. Blood is centrifuged. A serum rich in platelet is removed from the centrifuge tube containing blood. By taking this serum, PRP liquid is obtained. Since the obtained blood product is given to itself, it is a safe to restore it back.

  • PRP nasıl etki eder?

    Cells that provide the blood coagulation that we give the name Platelet also have intensive growth factors. When damage occurs anywhere in your body, these cells are transported through the bloodstream to that area. These growth factors initiate a complex series of repair processes in the damaged area. By PRP application, these cells are transported to the target tissue in a larger number. The growth factors that enter through the platelet also activate the root cells. Collagen-producing fibroblast cells increase collagen production and rejuvenate the skin. Thus, a stronger repair effect is created in the area where application is made.

  • How is PRP applied?

    It is applied to the application area by injecting it under the skin through small fine needles. Mesotherapy gun can be applied to the scalp area. Peeling, fractional laser, roller and dermapen after the application of the skin can be applied by spraying with a mask.

  • What does PRP do?

    PRP, which has many applications in envy, is most used in the aesthetic & cosmetic sector for skin rejuvenation wrinkle treatment. In the skin area you apply, you begin to repair the damage immediately and start to give a younger, brighter look to the skin. The depth of the wrinkles starts to decrease. When applied around the eyes, it is seen that the purple rings are diminishing. If the aesthetic field will list the application areas Skin renewal and rejuvenation in face, neck, hand and neck area Prevention of hair loss in the scalp hair and for the purpose of boosting the hair before sowing Reducing and treating wrinkles Peeling, laser facial rejuvenation, accelerating deep regeneration after dermaroler-dermapen application and increasing treatment power In combination therapies with mesotherapy Plastic surgeon does not prevent the absorption of oil in oil injection applications PRP, which is included in treatment protocols in other areas,

  • What is the application frequency and number of sessions?

    PRP application can be done every 15 days. In total 4 sessions will suffice. After the 3-month and 6-month follow-ups, 1 session can be added, and 1 session after 1 year PRP. During the combined sessions with mesotherapy, PRP can be applied between mesothelioma sessions every 10-15 days.