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Milano Peeling

Color variation in facial skin, spots, pores expansion, sagging, wrinkles, paleness, and many other signs of fatigue are the most cases that clients come to us for. In order to treat all these cases, many options, methods and techniques are available in our center, such as using needles, laser, threads, cells treating, and many others. We choose and apply the most suitable option, method or technique in order to keep our clients completely satisfied. However, previously there were no techniques for people who suffer the fear of needles.

Milano Peeling is a technique that has been founded especially for those who are afraid of needles and it is available in our center. Unlike other techniques, it does not cause any pain, redness, swelling, bulge or other side effects, and does not form any layer over the skin. In addition, the client will be able to go outdoors, walk in the sun, use makeups, and do whatever he/she wants by the evening.



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