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Mesotherapy & Mesolifting

Using this technique, the vitamins, minerals and amino acids are injected very deeply under the skin. The technique first began in 1952 and it is based on the provision of therapeutic materials that needed for healing and revitalizing the skin.

Initially, the substance that positively affects the skin will be identified, and then will be injected under the skin in order to start treating the problems. Very safe substances are used, and the procedure is very simple that it does not even require local anesthesia.

What are the types of this technique?

Treating the skin pigmentations.

Treating the aging signs.

Face lifting.

Treating the dark color around the eyes and similar signs of fatigue and aging in this area.


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  • How many application areas are available?

    Stain mesotherapy is used to remove stains. Antiaging mesotherapy removes the effects of deep aging, gives vitality and shine to the skin, and reduces wrinkles. Face lifting (mezolifting) is used for facial stretching effect. Eye surrounding mesotherapy is used to relieve purple ringing around the eyes, to treat fatigue symptoms around the eyes and to create a light effect. Lipolysis mesotherapy is used for regional examination. Cellulite mesotherapy is used to remove cellulite. Hair mesotherapy, Used to stop hair loss, before and after hair transplantation.

  • Where is it used?

    Face, eye perimeter Hairy area Revealing hands Arm, abdomen and lap in regional fat areas

  • How many sessions are applied?

    It depends on the application. For example, if 4-6 sessions are adequate for the hair or eye area, lipolysis mesotherapy lasts 10-12 sessions. The number of sessions is determined according to the result of the physician who will practice. The session intervals can be set to once a week.

  • What is mesolifting?

    Mesolifting is a commonly used mesotherapy application in the last few years by the use of facial skin to provide restorative remedies for anti-aging purposes. Prepared cocktails can be used as well as a mixture can be created by the practitioner. The aim here is to create vitality and shine in the face skin, to reduce superficial wrinkles, to slow down the formation of wrinkles, to reduce or eliminate the staining that occurs and to make the skin appear younger by stretching the skin.

  • Which materials are used frequently in mesolifting?

    Vitamin A: Increases skin elasticity by regulating the growth of cells that make up the skin. Vitamin E: Strong antioxidant effect. removes harmful free oxygen radicals from the skin Vitamin C: Increases the synthesis of collagen, which gives tension to the skin, reduces the production of melanin and prevents stain formation. Amino acids: amino acids, the smallest building blocks of proteins, help repair damaged, damaged skin. Na, K, Ca, Mg ions: They regulate the metabolism of the skin by acting on many cell activities Salmon DNA Increases the synthesis of proteins in the skin. Co-enzymes; Skin tissue accelerates the repair process via enzymes Hyaluronic acid: Hyaluronic acid, which is very popular in recent years and has been named as a youth vaccine