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Breast Reduction Surgery

In the past, large breasts were an advantage in terms of beauty and maternity standards, but as aesthetic standards change over time, large breasts have caused women physical and psychological problems, and this procedure has been found over time due to the techniques evolution.

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure with satisfying results because it reduces the breast size, which solves many problems and provides a more beautiful looking. Large breasts cause back and neck pain and other problems. If you suffer when you choose your clothes, especially in the summer, and if the braces leave deep tracks on your skin, then this procedure may be appropriate for you.



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  • How is preoperative evaluation done?

    If you think your problems are caused by breast size, you should consult a plastic surgeon and talk about this in detail. You should speak openly about your expectation from this surgery for this call, asking your surgeon what you expect after surgery. With this view, the size of the breast, the position at which the swelling improves, whether you have children and whether you are breastfeeding, the condition of your surgical scars will be discussed with you and you will be examined by your surgeon.

  • Does surgery have a specific age range?

    In order for breast reduction surgery to be done, the breast development needs to be completed. However, if it affects psychosocial development, breast reduction surgery may be performed unexpectedly. Breast reduction surgery has no upper age limit.

  • What is done in surgery preparation?

    In older patients, preoperative mammography or ultrasonography should be performed in the event of a mass being treated. After the anesthesia interview and pre-operative examinations, after the 7-8 hours of pre-operative period, the operation finally arrives.

  • Can I breastfeed after breast reduction surgery?

    For normal milking it is necessary to have milk channel connections to the nipple and the sensitivity of the nipple head. There is no question of breeding the breast after a surgical procedure that does not impair these anatomical and physiological characteristics. Sensitivity of the nipple head is necessary for the hormones stimulated during breastfeeding to initiate milk release. Breast reduction surgery has been shown to not reduce nipple sensitivity. However, sometimes it is rare in very large mammals, the operation technique that the nipple is free to carry may have to be applied. In this case, the relationship between the milk channels and the nipple relationship will deteriorate milking function.

  • Can you follow the breast reduction surgery?

    In this surgery, both the breast masses are reduced and the breast is removed at a certain point as it is moved to the nipple. This is why techniques called reverse T-marking and most of the traces are hidden under the breast. Lately, only traces of 4-5 cm long traces have been developed from the nipple downwards, and over time, we have become more used by plastic surgeons. The traces first turn pink and the skin turns pink and the color turns to red while it is still in the dark and becomes uncomfortable with the patient.

  • is breast reduction surgery related to breast cancer?

    Breast reduction surgery decreases the risk of breast cancer because it reduces breast tissue. In addition, since the surgically removed tissues are sent to the pathological examination, breast reduction surgery reduces the risk of developing breast cancer.

  • What happens after surgery and after surgery

    Several methods have been described for breast reduction surgery. Pre-operative drawings will be made according to the method to be selected, and the breast will be reshaped by removing excess skin, fat and breast tissue during surgery according to the design. The duration of the operation varies between 2-4 hours depending on the technique used. At the 4th hour after the operation, you are allowed to stand up and feed. Post-operative stay at hospital is 1 day. In the first few days, a vacuum bag is used to collect blood and serum leaks, called drains, which can occur in the operating area. According to the amount received, this drain is removed after 1-2 days. You are allowed to take a bath in 2 days after the drains have been removed.

  • Normal return to life is neat?

    After a week, the patient can return to work, home work becomes. Stay away from heavy sports in the first 3 months. In the first days there may be pain and these pain can easily be controlled by pain medication. Over time the pain will decrease, and you will be able to make your movements easily. It will be your benefit if you stay a few weeks away from practices like hot baths, spas, which increase your salary.