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Treatment of Abnormalities and Nevi
The abnormalities are the result of random accumulation of pigments called melanin, which gives the skin its color, under the skin in specific areas of the body, leading to the formation of abnormalities. Abnormalities or nevi, which are associated with melanin, are:

-          Nevi during pregnancy.

-          Nevi of aging that appear on hands, neck, chest, and face.

-          Nevi caused by sunlight or the burns resulting from exposure to sunlight.

-          Nevi caused by perfume and deodorant products for sensitive areas and the neck area.

-          Nevi caused by hair removal procedures such as laser and wax.

-          Nevi resulting from certain diseases such as kidney and pancreatic diseases.

Steps of treating abnormalities and nevi

Identifying the cause of abnormalities or nevi, because in some cases it may be required to perform the treatment again for healing.

Acute skin diseases that may cause itching can be treated permanently.

Abnormalities and nevi are of the diseases that take a long time to be cured permanently, so the patient has not to be impatient.

Patient has to compile with the care and protection instructions after the treatment procedures are completed.

Technique used for treating abnormalities and nevi

Vitamins injections (Mesotherapy).

Q-switched laser.

Skin peeling.

Radio frequency injection.

Treatment using creams and medical masks.

How to avoid skin pigmentations and abnormalities?

Always use sun protection creams and make them part of daily life since they are not only used in summer or daytime, but also they can be used at night, day, summer and winter because even at night and at home we are exposed to various types of rays such as lights, television and others. In addition, it is important to maintain the skin moisture, especially in the areas that are very sensitive to the sun such as face, neck, chest, hands and other uncovered body areas.

Moreover, perfume and deodorant products must be used carefully, and moisturizing creams must be used after the hair removal by laser, wax or other techniques, in addition to avoiding the direct sunlight.

As for pregnant women, and because of hormonal imbalances they experience, they should be very careful when going outdoors in the sun.


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