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Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

This procedure removes the unwanted hair from the body permanently by a modern method using the laser, where the laser causes damage to the cells responsible for giving orders for the growth of this hair and giving its color.

Types of hair removal

Laser hair removal dates back to the experimental studies that began in 1960, was first used in 1990, and has been significantly developed in order to become applicable even to the face.

Alexandrite Laser is the first laser system that approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1997. A system that provides safe and fast results.

Diode Laser and Alexandrite Laser are laser systems that developed as alternatives to the conventional laser. They have been significantly developed along with the development of technology to become very efficient and safe.

These laser techniques are used much more than the ND-YAG laser technology.

The type or laser technique which will be applied is determined based on the color and nature of the skin.


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  • How many sessions are necessary?

    5 to 9 sessions may be required. Session intervals should be 4-6 weeks. While the percentage can be repeated every 4 weeks, the interval of the sessions can be up to 6 weeks in the body. One might ask why I can not get rid of one seanst hair. The reason is that laser beams only see active hair roots. Only a part of the hair roots can be active at the moment. For this reason, the number of sessions increases.

  • How long does laser epilation take?

    Laser application varies depending on the region. It may take up to 15 minutes if a limited area (eg face) is targeted and up to 2 hours if full body epilation is to be done.

  • Is there a type of hair that laser epilation can not affect?

    Laser hair removal is most effective for those who have a dark hair type of light skin. Light white, yellow and thin feathers are not visible to the laser beam. These hair types, which have little esthetics in mind, can be removed with needle hair removal if desired.