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Otoplasty - Cosmetic Ear Surgery
The ears are not only hearing organs with great importance, but also they are significant element for the aesthetic of the face. However, if their size was large or deformities presented, they could cause great psychological problems for those who suffered these deformities.

Thanks to the magical touches of cosmetic surgeons, you can resolve these problems and the uncomfortable looking of your ear.



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  • From what age can the buccal ear surgery be done?

    Age 5 is the age at which most of the ear development is complete. From this age, the esthetic surgery of the ear can be started. The psychological pressure of schoolmates reaches the pinnacle because the value judgments do not develop in those old children. Parents often ignore this situation, and this can lead to irreversible psychological problems in a child whose schoolmates are mocking. For this reason, especially pre-school age should be elected for surgery.

  • How to do anesthesia of buccal ear surgery?

    If this surgery is planned at an early age, it is done with general anesthesia. If the patient is of sufficient size, the patient can be easily administered by local anesthesia. If it can be explained well, it can be done from 12-13 years old.

  • How to do bucket ear surgery?

    The technical technique that I use is made by giving the shape of cartilage with the incision made behind the technical ear. I enter with a cut from behind the ear. If there is a cartilaginous structure that pulls the ears away from the base of the head, I move the approach suture closer to the ears skull base. If there is an outward cartilaginous structure, I am performing procedures that weaken the cartilaginous front with corrective cartilaginous seams. If necessary, I combine two, three techniques. In this way, I get less complications by getting more permanent results. A simple method called ear aesthetic can be used, but I think that it is necessary to do different solutions for probing since each ear has different deformities.

  • How is the post-operative process?

    After the operation, it is wrapped with a dressing to protect the shape of the ear. This dressing bandage is removed after 2 days and the ear is protected by tennis player's bandage. Bathing can be done from this stage. After using the bandage for 2 weeks after the first week so that you can use it at home in the evening, the bandage is removed.

  • Is my operation permanent?

    Some post-operative opening may be expected. The transaction is performed according to this opening expectation. The ear shape is permanent unless it is met with postoperative complications.