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Brachioplasty - Arm Lift
Due to ageing, sudden weight loss, or sudden weight gain, when the skin is stretched it becomes difficult for it to return to its normal situation. All of these factors cause skin sagging, in addition to the personal factors and skin quality.


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  • How is the preoperative evaluation?

    If you are considering arm stretching surgery, you will have to apply to an aesthetic plastic surgery specialist that you need to do first. Your pre-operative surgeon will evaluate you and design the parts to be removed. Your photos will be taken with a view of the arm to compare with your post-operative status

  • How is surgery done? How much will it take?

    Arm stretching is an operation performed with general anesthesia. The surgery is terminatedwith removal of the hanging parts and closing with a suture. The mean duration of operation is 1.5 hours.

  • What happens after the surgery?

    Usually you will be discharged on the same day. After a week you can return to work as long as you do not have a heavy job.

  • Can arm stretch surgery be combined with other surgeries?

    This operation can be combined with operations such as breast augmentation, abdominal stretching, thigh stretching

  • Will there be a post-operative scar?

    The most negative feature of this surgery is the traces formed behind the arm. These traces that fade over time and turn to the skin color may disturb the person as it is in the exposed part of the arm. If you are sagging on the saddle or if the operation scars disturb you more, if you are giving a sagging response, you are a good candidate for arm stretching surgery.