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Gynecomastia in Males

Gynecomastia is the case of male breast enlargement until it is similar to that of the female. This hormone exists in most adolescents, but in some cases, the size of the breast increases significantly, and if this condition is not controlled, the case of Gynecomastia occurs.

The case of Gynecomastia causes embarrassment to the patient, which makes him avoid sport activities such as swimming in the summer, makes him wear loose clothes, and it negatively affects his psychological state too.



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  • What are the causes of gynecomastia?

    Genetic causes may be due to developmental causes, or hormonal causes may occur more rarely due to drug use. It is natural and developmental that the estrogen hormone (feminine hormone) level is elevated in infancy, adolescence and old age. Any hormone that increases estrogen hormone, which reduces male hormone, is also triggered by the hormonal causes of gynecomastin formation. When it is due to the increase in fat and fatty tissue, a condition called pseudogyne-oomastia occurs, which is called pseudo gynecomastia.

  • What is done before the surgery?

    A detailed questionnaire should be made for the differential diagnosis of the mentioned conditions, so imaging techniques such as imaging ultrasound, MR if necessary and hormone analysis should be applied. Once the cause of gynecomastin is determined by differential diagnosis, treatment planning can be started.

  • What are surgical methods?

    The operation can be done by local or general anesthesia. Surgical options vary according to the type and size of the gynecomastia. Fattissue can be treated with liposuction by fat extraction in the frontal plane. Breast tissue enhancement in the anterior plane may require open surgery by incision in the lower half region where the brown part of the nipple is joined to the skin. Usually two types of surgery can be combined. It was not possible to keep traces in open surgery or in liposuction fat removal operation. If the skin is abundant and the breast is sagging, there are a number of surgical plans coming out that leave a mark that will be removed from the bone.

  • Operation is old age? How long does surgery take?

    It can be done from age 17, the age when your puberty ends. If the psychological factor is very early in the frontal, surgery can be performed earlier if it is rare. The durationof surgery depends on the type of surgery or size. It varies from an average of 1-2 hours.

  • How is the post-operative process?

    Usually they are discharged on the same day, or rarely on the next day. Patients have to wear a special corset for 2-3 weeks in order to prevent deep sagging. 2-3 days after a closed dressing is expected to be removed and allowed to take a shower. On the same day, patients may return to work, and may start a light sport in hiking mode. After 2-3 weeks, sports can be performed provided that the muscles that move the region muscles are avoided. When I am sick, I suggest that everything that does not create pain is free.

  • Has postoperative problem occurred?

    After gynecomastia surgery, prolonged edema, swelling may occur. The patient may feel uncomfortable if this condition is not well explained, but these often pass. The biggest problem encountered in the long term is that it does not shrink to the desired amount, in which case a second operation may be required. Otherwise, the breast texture will not increase again and the repair is permanent.