Thread lift for face and neck | Non-Sucrgical Aesthetic

Thread lift for face and neck

With the growing need for non-surgery cosmetic, the concept of cosmetic has been developed to become possible without the need for surgery and has become well known. From this concept, the idea of cosmetic thread or thread lift came as an advanced method that has become increasingly used over time and gives more results than surgical threads.

Using this technique, which is also known as Organic Lift, it became possible to tighten the skin of the face, neck and even the arms and stomach. This procedure can be performed using two techniques, the first is known as Ultra-V, which is also known as the Spider Web, and it is based on stimulating subcutaneous cells in order to produce collagen to obtain the desired effect. While the other technique is based on sticking the threads into the tissues and lifting them up in order to obtain an immediate effect.

What is the mechanism of this procedure?

As for the Ultra-V technique, the threads are placed into the tissues under the skin using smooth special needles. And since these threads are foreign materials, they provoke the body's healing response and causing the body to direct large surges of collagen to the treated areas which helps to increase the elasticity of the skin and then starts the lifting and tightening. The effects and significant results of the procedure are more noticeable over time while the skin begins to improve and recover.

As for the other lifting technique, the threads are sticking into the tissues in a form that called The Back of The Fish and the tissues are lifted up in order to provide immediate results. However, these results may gradually disappear over time.


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  • Who is eligible for these applications?

    The process with PDO yarns is ideal for those with a slight loss of elasticity that do not sag in a dense pattern and have very deep lines. It can be applied to both men and women. The effect occurs over time. Over time, a more dynamic and rejuvenated appearance occurs when the loss of elasticity is removed.The direct graft technique is applied in cases where the loss of elasticity is experienced by the face and the nasolabial and marionette lines are deepened.The effect occurs immediately.As the face is hung upwards, the deepening lines are opened by the effect of restoration.In fact, a patient profile suitable for face lift surgery is an application to be performed if you are afraid of surgery.

  • How long is the process time?

    The duration of the process, for example, with the PDO tunnel technique,will vary depending on the number of ropes to be placed in the surgical threading process.Average processing time is 30 minutes.

  • Can I return to my daily life after the procedure?

    They are applications to be included in the concept of aesthetics between noon.Since it is performed in the office environment, it can be easily returned to work after the transaction.

  • What should I look after the procedure?

    It is recommended that the first 3 weeks should not be rubbed in the face, avoid exaggerated facial expressions and avoid face-to-face dentures.Excessive mimic movements that can easily move facial mimic muscles after 3 weeks are now made feasible.In the first days, slight swelling and bruises may occur. These complaints can be reduced by ice compresses.

  • Do I feel pain during the procedure?

    Procedures are performed with local anesthesia. That is why pain almost does not exist.

  • How long is the duration of the action? Is it permanent?

    Non-surgical medical practices are not permanent.According to the quality of the skin, it varies according to the degree of elasticity loss compared to the person.The average duration of action is 2 years. With additional applications such as mesolifting, HIFU ultraskin, PRP, the duration of action can be extended to 3-4 years.

  • Are there areas of use outside of the face?

    PDO applications are not a method used only in face-up applications. When applied to the abdominal region, it makes a regional thinning in the abdominal region. In the buttock area there is a collecting effect. Allows the arm to climb when applied in minor leaning.It is a very advantageous application technique due to the wide range of application areas.