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Dermal Fillers

As getting old, the number of supportive tissues decreases and they begin to store less water, leading to dehydration, and then the skin begins to wrinkle and becomes looser, where it expands significantly if you pull it by hand and then it returns to its previous state after a while.

This happens because the skin cells stop producing the substances needed to tighten the skin, which leads us to provide these substances to the skin by injection. It is a simple procedure and can be performed in the center during a very short time.



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  • Which tissue materials are used?

    They are the most commonly used hyaluronic acid fillers in filler injections. Because hyluronic acid is a substance that retains water, the skin becomes less entangled when the skin becomes less productive. Mimic lines deepen. Wrinkles grow. They collapse in texture. This is the most common material used in padding. Apart from hyluronic acid, there are also substances used in full. The main ones are products with biocompatibility containing calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA), policaprolactone. They degrade later than hyaluronic acid.

  • Where is the filler used?

    It is used in lines that extend from the face to the nose (nasolabial), in the lines extending from the dagger to the marrowette, on the eyebrow lines, in the lip shaping and volume, on the goose legs, in the eyes of the custody, under the eyes, especially in the tear grooves of the eye, It can be used anywhere with missing tissue outside the face. The most common place of use is hands. Filling materials can be used with fillers customized for this job, such as breast enlargement, without needing amelia.

  • How long is the application of filler injection?

    Hyaluronic acid fillings last for 6-18 months. The effect of other fillers is 2-3 years. Sessions can also be adjusted to the duration of the effect.

  • Is there side effect?

    Allergy is quite rare. A slight redness swelling may occur when applied. It is highly reliable because it is recycled in terms of being absorbed. In any case, it is very important that you do this operation by doctors specialized in aesthetics.

  • Is it a painful process?

    There may be some pain, but this is unbearable. When processed with local anesthetic creams, they are almost invisible.