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CO2 Laser Technology - Fractional carbon dioxide laser

While conventional laser affects the skin, the latest generation of fractional carbon dioxide laser technology affects the subcutaneous tissues directly without affecting the skin. This laser creates minimal thermal damage by opening microscopic tunnels towards the deep level of the skin. In this way, it produces collagen, reduces collagen fibers by 30%, and moves the cells from the healthy tissues to the damaged ones.

Thus, the final results are more revitalized and wrinkleless skin, lighter skin color, more gloss and purity, and narrower pores. Moreover, since this type of laser does not cause any damage to the skin, full recovery will be very fast.

Since the fractional carbon dioxide laser has a deeper effect than others do, so it reaches deeper distances, which leads to faster results.


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  • Where are CO2 fractional lasers used?

    * Treatment of wrinkles in the skin of the décolletage * Treatment of wrinkles in the décolleté region * Tightening of the genital area, genital aesthetic, * Percentage of stain treatment, pigment disorders, * In the treatment of traces, in all kinds of traces, in the treatment of traces due to the anatomies, Treatment of meats, treatment of warts * Treatment of some skin lesions

  • Is the transactional weight?

    Cream-like local anesthetic application is painless procedure

  • How many sessions are necessary?

    The process depends on the process. In mild wrinkles, 2-3 sessions are sufficient, while in deep wrinkles, 4-5 sessions follow. I, one session is enough for tightening genital warts. The session interval is about 1 month.

  • What should be considered after application?

    Mild redness and edema may occur in the application area. It can be removed with light cold compresses. A warm shower can be taken after 1 day. After application, slight scaling may occur. These are temporary. Humidifiers should be used 3-4 times a day. Sunscreen creams should never be forgotten.

  • Who does not apply?

    In pregnancies, suckling mothers and vulnerable illnesses should not be applied.