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Skin Care
This is a kind of treatment for maintaining the normal looking of the skin and increasing its moisture, vitality, and activity.

Over time, due to the exposure to harmful sunlight, smoking, unstable food, and exposure to the wind, dust, and the using of non-medical creams, the skin will be affected negatively and harshly. In addition to the aging effects which also affect the skin negatively, causing the skin to wrinkles, spots begin to appear, pores and blackheads become visible, veins increase, and the skin loses its elasticity.

In order to preventing the presence of these signs and skin diseases, to providing vitality to the skin, to balancing the moisture, and to delaying the aging signs, you have to perform the skin care treatments, which keep the skin bright, fresh, and verve.

The type of skin care which has to be applied will be determined after conducting the skin analysis. Skin care includes skin cleansing, peeling dead skin layers, skin moisturizing, applying medical masks, narrowing expanded pores, treating acne, and treating oily skin.

To reduce the negative effects that appear on the skin, both skin care and anti-aging treatments can be used together.


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