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Neck Lift
Like any other part of the body, the neck is affected very badly by symptoms of aging and wrinkling due to genetic factors, sudden obesity or loss of weight, sunlight, and other factors.

If removing these wrinkles in the neck is your priority, then the solutions lie in the facelift and neck lift procedures, which is performed using laser in order to eliminate these negative effects.


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  • Do I need your neck?

    If you have a sagging and wrinkle in your knee, you may need a bell-over-neck stretching operation. This process can be done together with face lift or alone. This will be determined by a preliminary interview with your surgeon. If there is an excess of regional fat in food, these problems will be eliminated by laser lipo application. If you are using cigarettes, you should definitely leave it 2 weeks before the surgery. If you are using blood thinners (such as aspirin), you need to have it 10 days in advance.

  • How is surgery done?

    Neck stretching is performed under general anesthesia. The neck stretch alone is inserted with a small incision just below the jaw of the operation. Loosening and sagging in the neck muscles (platysma) is relieved by special techniques. Excess skin is removed. If excess oil is present, liposuction may be added. If applied together with facelift, traces will be brought to the back of the ear as a percentage of muscle system called SMAS and this is the continuation of the platysma is stretching the neck is done. The average duration of surgery is 2-3 hours. If the laser liposuction is done with a little aesthetic, it will be done immediately with a very small cut underneath the chisel. General anesthesia can be performed with local anesthesia with sedation. The process time is around 30 minutes.

  • What happens after the surgery?

    After neck stretching, you are discharged with dressing and special corset the same day. If the drain is put in, it will be taken 2 days later. You will use the corset for about 1 week for 24 hours, after 1 week for about 2 weeks and only for 3 weeks in total. At this stage, you can start to light sports. You can start work after 1 week, after 3-4 days you become home work. There may be a feeling of post-operative tension, but it will pass slowly and you will become more comfortable over time. Hafi can be painful. This is easily achieved with pain relievers.