Aquafilling Body Fill | Non-Sucrgical Aesthetic

Aquafilling Body Fill
With the growing need for non-surgery cosmetic, the concept of cosmetic has been developed to become possible without the need for surgery and has become well known. Since 2004, with the beginning of AQUAfilling, it became possible to conduct the injection without the need for surgery and without any deficiencies, and today, the AQUAfilling became very easy and comfortable. AQUAfilling is a hydrophilic gel that gives the subcutaneous tissues the softness and elasticity and keeps them on this condition for a long time, where the differences cannot be noticed with the naked eye. The most important features of this injection are that it results in significant improvements in a very short period, and you can live your normal social and daily life only two days after the injection. Moreover, the fact that AQUAfilling formula is 98% water, it will provide the body very natural shape and looking, and since it is a natural substance, it does not cause any complications or complexes and provides a high safety and long-lasting effect.

Features of AQUAfilling:

-          Minimal pain since it is a non-surgical procedure.

-          Significant improvement begins only two days after the injection.

-          The final results of the procedure are obtained after 7 days.

-          No infiltrations within the zone of injection.

-          The gel material will not disintegrate.

-          Its soft nature is very similar to the nature of the tissues.

-          Provides natural looking to the treated tissues.

-          The effect lasts from 5 to 8 years.

-          Provides the ability of injecting again.

Is it safe to use AQUAfilling?

AQUAfilling provides a very high safety. Since it began in 2004, such side effects as pain and swelling were very rarely observed after the AQUAfilling and very few cases were recorded. For more assurance and information about this technique, please visit its website and check the related images:


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  • How to Make Aquafillingle Body Filler?

    Sterile conditions are provided after first cleaning the field with antiseptic solution.Local anesthesia is applied to the site where Aquafilling is to be applied. Afterwards, the aquafilling is injected under the breast tissue with the single point of fine cannula and the breast enlargement process is completed.The process time varies between 30-60 minutes.The effect is immediately visible.

  • Is it also used in other body regions?

    Breast enlargement without surgery gives very good results and good results are obtained.

  • How Long is Body Fillers?

    The effect of the application lasts about 5-8 years.Due to its structure it is gradually destroyed, so the duration of the effect is long.The duration of effect can be extended since it allows repetitive injections.