Non-surgical nose job | Non-Sucrgical Aesthetic

Non-surgical nose job
Nose job without surgery is a concept that was developed in the recent years. People who are interested in cosmetic procedures are increasingly seeking the non- surgical cosmetic, which was the motivation to achieve results that enabled us to perform non-surgical cosmetics and even in places like offices.

As for the nose job, surgery is the ideal and permanent solution, while the non- surgical cosmetic is a temporary one and you could need to perform the procedure again. However, because of the increased desire for the non- surgical cosmetic, much work has been done in order to find a solution to make the non- surgical cosmetic ideal and permanent, and this goal has been almost fully achieved.

In order to determine whether the nose job can be performed without surgery, we have to examine the client first to see if his/her status is suitable for the non-surgical cosmetic, knowing that it does not suit most of the clients.


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  • Am I a suitable patient?

    For example, if the patient's nose is removed, it is possible to do this with a local anesthetic. It is possible to fill this area with a filler injection if filling the opposite side with very light inclines or if the nasal root is slightly flattened and this gives a false arch image. There is a history of a history of nasal aesthetics and if the belt is lowered too much later, it can be solved by late filling injections.

  • How is it like anesthesia?

    The procedure is performed by local anesthesia.First, local anesthesia to be done with the anesthetic cream is numb.Local anesthesia is performed after waiting for a while.The procedure is almost painless as it is numbed with local anesthetic creams.

  • How long does the process take?

    If the nose is to be narrowed, then the procedure is 45 minutes, it takes 15 minutes only if filling with nasal aesthetic is planned.

  • Is the process permanent?

    In the simple nose aesthetic concept when I use sutures that do not damage the skin and do not melt, I can say that the process is almost permanent.In filling injections, it is necessary to change the filling type according to filling type and to transit and repeat.