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What is radio frequency?

It is high frequency radio waves, that when they penetrate into the body they heat up the ions inside the cells which are filled with water, and using a method that does not allow access to the deep tissues, they raise the temperature of zone of application to 43-45 degrees.

What is the subcutaneous radio frequency injection?

Initially, the waves are directed to the target tissues using 25 fine needles. Then, the area will be treated without affecting the upper layer of the skin through moving the water-rich ions under the influence of heat, which provides the highest level of treatment in addition to the desired results. Thus repairing the tissues to be treated and initiating the collagen production in them, which leads to hiding the skin pigments and wrinkles.

When to choose the subcutaneous radio frequency injection?

- Removing skin wrinkles, rejuvenating, and providing vitality: After the injection procedure, the skin will be rejuvenated, the wrinkles and sagging will disappear, and the capillaries problems will be greatly reduced. Moreover, it has a significant effect in treating the skin pigmentations, and it can be applied to the areas of forehead, between eyebrows, under eyes, nose, between the nose and cheeks, and around the lips. Briefly, it can be used all over the face.

- Treating the skin scars and pimples effects: It is significantly used in treating the facial scars, and if it is not possible to remove the scars completely, it will at least treat them noticeably in order to provide them an acceptable or almost hidden looking. It is also more used for treating the effects of pimples and acne.

- Rejuvenating the neck and chest skin: It effectively treats the wrinkles and sagging that forming in these areas.

- Treating the nevi and skin pigmentations: In some cases, the method of treating nevi and skin pigmentations using the radio frequency injection is considered more effective than other methods such as peeling, Mesotherapy, and others, where the radio frequency can fragmentize the skin pigments that give the nevi and spots their dark color.

- Treating the skin cracks: It is very effective for treating skin cracks, but the complete treatment of skin cracks is not possible in most cases. However, the radio frequency injection can treat them very markedly that they do not appear to exist. It also treats the sagging skin.

- Treating the skin sagging in both legs and arms: It is used for treating the sagging resulting from ageing or sudden loss of weight after obesity in both legs and arms. However, if the sagging is very noticeable, it could require surgery.

- Treating the sweating problems: It is possible to treat the sweating problems without surgery through using radio frequency, or using Botox injection, but its effect ends within 6 months, while using radio frequency will be easy, simple, and requires only two sessions.


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  • How long is the application period?

    In the field of application, a 30 minute lapse of time prior to the application of anesthetic creams is provided to the area. For example, it takes about 30-45 minutes if the whole radiofrequency application is performed on the whole face.

  • What will be noticed after the operation?

    Mild swelling and redness may be seen in the first few hours. This situation is temporary and will be improved over the course of the day. Since the surface of the skin is not affected, peeling is not observed. Therefore, it does not prevent social activity.

  • How many sessions of gold-pinned radiofrequency are applied?

    The number of sessions is determined according to the current complaints of the patient. Usually 3-4 sessions are sufficient. The positive results of the application begin to be seen from about the 3rd week. Positive effects will improve even further in the next sessions.

  • What are the advantages of this application?

    The biggest advantage is that it can be applied every month of the year. There is no such restriction in the application of golden needles when the treatment with lasers is not possible in sunny summer months.Recovery is fast and effective. No crusting. It does not need special care. Recovery time is short. There is no swollen or bleeding. The side effect is almost gone. PRP can be combined with stem cell therapies and therapeutics.