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Eyebrows and Forehead Lift
The eyebrows and forehead are essential parts of the beauty of the upper part of the face. So the looking of the eyebrows and their lifting are very significant elements of the beauty. Thus, the sagging of the eyebrows skin and its downward direction affect the beauty of the face negatively.

Moreover, gravity, malnutrition, and smoking play significant roles in the appearance of sagging, aging signs, as well as lines and wrinkles in the areas of eyebrows and forehead, giving the skin more aged looking.



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  • Who are the eligible candidates for forehead stretching, eyebrow removal?

    The forehead stretching process is 40 years old, the wrinkles are seated in the forehead, the person is applied. If the aesthetic appearance improves when we raise the eyebrows manually, we may talk about the eyebrows low. The low eyebrows can also be applied to the younger patient group as well. Sometimes patients may present with upper and lower eyelid complaints. If these complaints are due to eyebrows, eyebrow removal is necessary.

  • How is preoperative evaluation done?

    The patient is evaluated before surgery. The area of the eyebrows is normal but only the outer part of the eyebrows is desired to be removed, and there are wrinkles and looseness in the forehead. Then the surgery is scheduled for. For example, in women, the outer portion of the eyebrow is targeted on the forehead bone. In male patients, planning is done according to the alignment of the forehead bone. If there is a slight miscarriage, if you do not want surgery, options like botox are evaluated. If forehead stretching is to be performed, general anesthesia protocol is applied. Local anesthesia and sedation may be performed if temple clamping is performed on one of the hangers.

  • How do you perform eyebrow removal, forehead stretching and operation?

    If the eyebrows are slightly lower, the forehead is normal, and the patient is seeking a non-surgical solution, application of botox injection will suffice. If the normal eyebrows are in a low state and require permanent operation, the hair is pulled with small cuts and then the eyebrows are lifted up. If there are deepening goose legs around the eye, it is necessary to remove the outer side of the eyebrows. If accumulation in the eyelid should also be removed, temporal lift surgery is necessary. It is a more permanent method and is done by entering into the temple area with small cuts to be made with hair and hair.

  • What happens after the surgery?

    If eyebrow removal is done with the hanging technique, the patient can be sent home after the procedure. If the temple is stretched, it can be discharged after being held in hospital for a few hours. The surgeon will decide whether or not to have a discharge on the same day after observation if he has undergone bowel stretching surgery. Patients with forehead stretching may experience pain. These painkillers will be controlled with painkillers. It is natural to have slight swelling and bruises. They will disappear within a few days.

  • Are the results permanent?

    Aging process, such as the negative effects of gravity, due to the continuity of the effects of the eye may fall a little over time. However, transactions will continue to be long-term persistence.